Conference Programme

Thursday 29th June

10.00-10.30         Welcome and Introduction


10.30-11.00      — Coffee Break —

11.00-12.30      I Session: Left Unsaid (Chair: Alice König)

KATHRIN WINTER (Heidelberg) “Silent and eloquent: Absence and presence of speaking in Cicero’s Brutus and Tacitus’ Dialogus de Oratoribus

STEFANO BRIGUGLIO (SNS Pisa) “uel alio transeundi gratia: the (generic) sound of silence in Statius’ Thebaid

12.30-2.00   — Lunch —

2.00-3.30         II Session: Interpreting Absence (Chair: Aaron Pelttari)

PHILIP HARDIE (Trinity College Cambridge) “Allegorical absences”

VIOLA STARNONE (SNS Pisa) “No one looks at Elissa: Hermeneutic Responses to Dido’s first appearance in the Aeneid

3.30-4.00     — Coffee —      

4.00-5.30        III Session: Lyric Losses (Chair: Tom Geue)

ÁBEL TAMÁS (ELTE Budapest) “Catullus’ Sapphic lacuna: a palimpsest of absences and presences”

ERIK FREDERICKSEN (Princeton) “Grief Philology: Catullus 101 and Anne Carson’s Nox

5.30-6.15          Keynote Lecture

GIUSEPPE PEZZINI (St Andrews) “Pontem interrumpere: missing characters and other absences in Roman comedy”

6.30             Conference Reception (Craigard Grass/ Classics Library if wet)

Friday 30th June

9.00-10.30       IV Session: Missing Subalterns (Chair: Giuseppe Pezzini)         

WILLIAM FITZGERALD (King’s College London) “The Slave, Between Absence and Presence”

HOLLY RANGER (Institute of Classical Studies) “Staging Virgil’s Silence in Sylvia Plath’s bee poems”

10.30-11.00          — Coffee Break —

11.00-1.15         V Session: The Power of Absence (Chair: Emily Gowers)           

CATHARINE EDWARDS (Birkbeck London) “Looking for the Emperor in Seneca’s Letters”

BARBARA DEL GIOVANE (Firenze) “Anonymous Verses in Notorious Lives: Suetonius’ Lives of the Caesars and the Historia Augusta”

JOHN HENDERSON (King’s College Cambridge) “Marcus Aurelius: Medi()ations not Medi(c)ations”

1.15-2.30                  — Lunch —

2.30-4.00               VI Session: Inaction in Action (Chair: Elena Giusti)

ALEXEI ZADOROJNYI (Liverpool) “Good for nothing: exemplary non-acts in Valerius Maximus”

LYDIA SPIELBERG (Nijmegen) “Res non Gestae in Tacitus Annals

4.00-4.30               — Coffee Break —

4.30-6.00          VII Session: The dark matter of historiography (Chair: Emma Buckley)

JAMES McNAMARA (Victoria Wellington) “Solitudinem faciunt: the rhetoric of empire and no-man’s land”

ELLEN O’GORMAN (Bristol) “Conspicuous absence: Tacitus’ Invisible Republic”

7.30                         Conference Dinner (The Cottage Kitchen)

Saturday 1st July

9.00-10.30                VIII Session: Not in Ovid (Chair: Elena Giusti)

VICTORIA RIMELL (Warwick) “The neuter plural in Ovid’s Remedia Amoris

NORA GOLDSCHMIDT (Durham) “Ovid’s missing corpus”

10.30-11.00                — Coffee Break —

11.00-12.30               IX Session: Received Absence (Chair: Tom Geue)

JOANNA PAUL (Open University) “In Search of the Lost City: the Enduring Absence of Pompeii”

DUNCAN KENNEDY (Bristol) “Absence, metaphysically speaking”

12.30-1.00                  Closing Remarks

1.00-2.00                  — Lunch —


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